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Cleaning a Stinky Pet Bed

5 Easy Steps to Cleaning a Stinky Pet Bed

October 07, 2020

How to Clean Pet Beds

Cleaning a pet bed can be quick and easy with these 5 steps. 

  1. Identifying the effected area if possible
  2. Saturating the area with Unique Pet Bed Cleaner
  3. Agitating the area slightly with your hand or a gentle brush to work the product in
  4. Covering the area with a damp, white cloth (if you can identify a specific location where the stain or odor is coming from)
  5. Removing the cloth and allowing the pet bed air dry in the sun. 

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get blood out of carpet

How to Get Blood Out of Carpet

September 24, 2020

Despite how yucky a topic like this might sound at first glance, many pet owners nevertheless run into situations where their furry friend deposits some red-colored DNA into the carpet. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, pets’ toenails are clipped too short, resulting in bleeding. Other times, as cat owners can attest, their fluffy feline will bring in a potential dinner and soil up the carpet in the process. Regardless of the reason, the question most people have is, “How do I remove the blood?”

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carpet cleaner

The “Unique” Way To Clean Your Carpet

May 21, 2020

Working out with the Stay at Home orders had lead me to do a zoom yoga workout in my bedroom. I put my yoga mat down and started my down dog and thought, “Ugh this carpet smells horrible. I spent the rest of the workout plotting how I was going to solve the odor problem. The odor was not from any accident, but just dogs that have played outside rolling in all kinds of wonderful things like elk  and chicken poop, pure wonderful doggie perfume, then sleeping and rolling around on my floor.

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how to remove pet odor

How To Remove Pet Odor

February 21, 2020

Any pet owner knows that his or her fuzzy little friends—no matter how lovable—can be smelly sometimes, especially when they have accidents on carpet! Beyond just removing the stain that results from these unfortunate accidents, it can often seem impossible to remove the odor! Never fear. In this article, we’re going to cover how to remove pet odors and the best pet carpet cleaner product to do it!

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enzyme cleaner

Which is Better: Enzymes or Bacteria?

February 21, 2020

When your dog or cat has an accident, you’ll need the best pet odor and stain remover to clean it up,  you’ll most certainly want to avoid caustic chemical products! But this presents an important question: which type of product is better—enzymes or bacteria?

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How to get dog poop out of carpet

How to Get Dog Poop Out of Carpet

February 21, 2020

Not only is this a gross situation in general, but it can also be hard to clean it up fully—especially when trying to remove nasty odors. Well we’re here to put your mind at ease and provide a few helpful hints on how to get dog poop out of carpet, removing both poop stains and odors. 

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