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5 Easy Steps to Cleaning a Stinky Pet Bed

October 07, 2020

Cleaning a Stinky Pet Bed

I had a dog that loved to chew his raw bones in his bed, enjoying them in comfort. So besides regular dog dander, oil, and dirt, I had to clean up all the messiness from that raw bone! My dog loved his bones, and they were great for his health, but that blood, marrow, and other “bone stuff” wasn’t fun to clean up!

How Often Should I Clean My Pet Bed?

My escapade with my bone-loving dog got me wondering: how often should you clean your pet beds? Most sources agree that pet beds need to be cleaned every week or two, depending on how much time your dog spends outdoors. 

It also depends on some other factors. First, have they rolled in something in the yard? Maybe it was feces, or otherwise something they really think smells great but, in reality, definitely does not! Second, you should consider how much your pet sheds. These are two additional factors that can impact how often you should clean your pet’s bed. 

Cleaning a Stinky Pet Bed

Dog’s and cats , like humans, have oils on their skin. These oils can easily transfer onto their beds and eventually cause odors. Dogs and cats can also bring germs into your home, so regular cleaning will help combat that as well. Ultimately, cleaning your pet beds will keep your house smelling fresher and your fluffy friends happier! 

How To Clean Your Pet Bed

Now we move on to the meat of our discussion: how do you actually clean your pet bed? The best pet beds have covers that can be removed and washed easily. If your pet bed has a cover like this, it’s best if you unzip the cover and pretreat the spots using Unique Pet Bed Cleaner.

Cleaning a Stinky Pet Bed

This product uses beneficial bacteria + enzymes to break down the odor-creating microbes on your pet bed, removing any stains and odors. Saturate the stain with the Pet Bed Cleaner, then allow it to sit for roughly 30 minutes. After this, wash your pet bed cover in your washing machine. You can also use Pet Bed Cleaner in your washing machine in place of detergent.  

(Note: for best results, follow all the proper washing instructions included on the pet bed’s tag.) 

After you’ve washed your pet bed cover in your washing machine, you must next tackle the pad/pillow. This component can be unwieldy. I have a pet bed that will fit a mastiff, but when dealing with a bed this size, it would almost be like putting a twin bed into the washing machine! This is obviously impossible. Instead, I like using the sun. First, I put the pillow out in the sun. The ultraviolet rays will quickly and easily disinfectant the pillow. Second, I also put the freshly washed covers in the sun to dry. This keeps them from shrinking, and I get the added benefit of the sun doing more cleaning. You should put these two items in a sunny, well-ventilated area for several hours, allowing the sun to work its magic. 

If your pet bed does not have a removable cover, a sunny day can often be your best ally. Simply treat your pet bed with Unique Pet Bed Cleaner by:

  1. Identifying the effected area if possible
  2. Saturating the area with Unique Pet Bed Cleaner
  3. Agitating the area slightly with your hand or a gentle brush to work the product in
  4. Covering the area with a damp, white cloth (if you can identify a specific location where the stain or odor is coming from)
  5. Removing the cloth and allowing the pet bed air dry in the sun. 

When you don’t have time to completely wash your pet bed, or you must clean up a small stain or odor, a great cleaning strategy can be to simply spray the stain with Unique Pet Bed Cleaner gently agitate the area, and allow it to dry naturally. This is a simpler method with less steps which can quickly deodorize your pet bed or clean up a small stain. The beneficial bacteria in Unique Pet Bed Cleaner will literally eat the stains and odors on the bed, making it smell fresh and look like new. 

If you are like me and let your

Cleaning a Stinky Pet Bed

pets sleep on your bed, you can also use Unique Pet Bed Cleaner to spot clean your bed to keep it fresh smelling. Also add 1-2 ounces to the prewash on your washing machine when you wash your bedding.

The bacteria will break down any pet odors or stains so they will smell clean and fresh. 


If you have any questions about the topic covered in this article, please don’t hesitate to let us know! You can reach us at

Cleaning a Stinky Pet Bed


P.S. Pet Bed Cleaner also works great on cat towers, cleaning and deodorizing with ease. Just spray your cat tower with Unique Pet
Bed Cleaner
and allow it to dry naturally. It’s that easy! 

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