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The “Unique” Way To Clean Your Carpet

May 21, 2020

carpet cleaner

Working out with the Stay-At-Home orders had led me to do a zoom yoga workout in my bedroom. I put my yoga mat down and started my downward dog and thought, “Ugh this carpet smells horrible. I spent the rest of the workout plotting how I was going to solve the odor problem. The odor was not from any accident, but just dogs that have played outside rolling in all kinds of wonderful things like elk and chicken poop, pure wonderful doggie perfume, then sleeping and rolling around on my floor.

CLeaning a multicolored carpet with and Extracter, a bottle of Unique Carpet Shampoo is on the rug


I decided to use our Unique Carpet Shampoo but try a new method from one of our reps. I will call it the CJ method. I cleaned the whole room and hallway with the recovery tank off. I made the solution a little stronger than normal and used 6 oz to a gallon. There were a few stains so I went over those several times slowly so the brushes could agitate it well and I made sure the carpet was really damp in those spots. When you use bacteria to clean you have to allow enough time for the bacteria to do its work, biodegrading the odors. The bacteria will multiply as long as they have moisture and a food source. I am sure that that carpet had plenty of food source!


I left the carpet quite damp and used that time to read a bit and relax. After 4 hours I went back, put on the recovery tank and cleaned the carpets like I normally do. Use a 4 oz to 1gallon concentration of Unique Carpet Shampoo and went over the whole floor again. I went slowly and really let the machine work scrubbing the carpet and extracting out the dirt and odors. I did put down damp white towels on my high traffic areas and the spots. I took those off the next morning when the carpet was almost dry. By the end of the day it was completely dry and looked wonderful.


The easy steps to cleaner fresh smelling carpet

  1. Go over the floor with only hot water in your extractor. Watch the site glass closely to see where most of the dirt is.
  2. Mix up the Unique Carpet Shampoo 6 oz to a gallon of warm water.
  3. Fill your extractor with the solution. Take off the recovery tank. Yes this part of the cleaning magic
  4. Go over the carpet, spend a little more time on the areas where you could see had the most dirt.
  5. Go do something for about 4 hours. Let the bacteria go to work for you
    women reading with cat on brightly colored porch
  6. Mix up a new batch of solution 4 oz to a gallon of warm water.
  7. Put the recovery tank back on the machine and clean you carpet as you normally do.
  8. Allow carpet to dry naturally.
  9. Enjoy your clean fresh smelling carpet                                              





The day after I really stuck my nose in the carpet while I was doing my downward dogs and sun salutations, and I am happy to report it just smelled clean and fresh, no more doggy odor.

smiling women with french bulldog on carpeted floor

I am so glad I could solve the issue before I had people over and was embarrassed because the house smelled doggy. I will use the CJ method when I have the time to deep clean the carpets and I would recommend you give it a try.  

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