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Carpet Shampoo Usage Instructions


Carpet Cleaning

1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly to remove loose dirt.

2. For best results (especially with old or large stains and odors) pretreat area with a solution of 5 cups of very warm water to 1 cup of Unique Carpet Shampoo. Use this solution as a spot remover before using the carpet machine.

3. Mix 4 oz. of Unique Carpet Shampoo with each gallon of very warm water (approximately 90 to 100 degrees).

4. Let shampoo stand in water for 10 minutes to allow shampoo to work at it's highest potential. This lets the bacteria create enzymes.

5. Clean carpet and upholstery following machine's instructions.

6. Allow carpet to air dry before using.

Where Urine Is Present

Put only hot water in the extractor and pull out as much of the urine as possible. Then fill the extractor again with very warm water and add 4 oz. of Unique Carpet Shampoo for each gallon of water. Do not pull out all of the water from the carpet. Leave the carpet damp and put damp towels over the areas where there is odor. Leave towels over night then remove and let dry naturally. 

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