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How To Use Advanced Cat Odor and Stain Remover


- Shake Well -

Removing Pet Urine From Carpet

Advanced Cat Odor + Stain uses a proprietary blend of bacteria, enzymes, and surfactants (detergents) to effectively eliminate (not mask!) odors and stains. Here’s how it works: We employ non-pathogenic bacteria (like probiotics in your yogurt!) to completely breakdown and digest all of the stain and odor causing contaminates found in pet waste. Our bacteria survive by creating enzymes that break up the contaminates into tiny pieces that the bacteria can then eat and digest leaving nothing behind but carbon dioxide and water. After they’ve eaten all of the food source (the contaminates) they starve and die – meaning no more messes, no more odors and no more bacteria! It’s exactly what happens when you throw food on the ground. Eventually it is digested by bacteria and is removed completely.


  1. Test Advanced Cat Odor + Stain in an inconspicuous area to ensure dyes in carpet or surface don’t bleed.
  2. Before treating, physically remove as much of the urine as possible by soaking up the urine with highly absorbent towels or paper towels or with an extractor. This step will help to permanently remove urine odors and stains.
  3. Saturate the accident area with warm water and extract or absorb this water from the carpeting. REPEAT 2-3 MORE TIMES.
  4. Apply Advanced Cat Odor + Stain liberally to the accident area. It’s VERY IMPORTANT that the product gets to the urine. If the product doesn’t reach the urine it can’t effectively eliminate it, so ensure you use enough to saturate every area urine has reached.
  5. Cover the saturated area with a damp, white cotton cloth – pressing it down into the accident area – and allow it to dry naturally.
  6. After the area has dried, vacuum and inspect for odors and stains. Repeat if necessary.

Removing Odors From Tile and Wood

Absorb as much of the urine or waste as you can and spray Advanced Cat Odor + Stain onto affected area. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and then wipe up. Always test in an inconspicuous area to ensure no discoloration or warping of woods.


Note: If your pet is on any antibiotics or if any of the staining comes from artificial dyes (example: food coloring), the product may be less effective and may need further treatments. Contact us if you have questions regarding this.

If you have any questions, please contact us at We are always happy to help!