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Sustainability, Biopreferred, and Household Cleaners

December 30, 2021


Sustainability, Biopreferred, and Your Household Cleaners


There are many reasons to turn away from petroleum-based and chemically based products, and to embrace sustainable resources. 

Perhaps you want to help strive for cleaner air in the future; maybe you want to reduce U.S. reliance on overseas oil; maybe you want to reduce the likelihood of a disastrous oil spill; maybe you just want to reduce the number of chemicals in your household. 

Whatever your personal reasoning, I think many of us can agree that turning to more sustainable alternatives is a step in the right direction. 

In an obvious example, hybrid and electric cars are paving the way for reduced pollutants from transportation.  Not everyone can, or wants to drive an electric car, so how do we strive for a sustainable tomorrow? 

The answer is as simple as looking at the household products you use.  From plastics to soaps, biologically-based (or biobased) products are cropping up everywhere. 

look for biopreffered symbol to find products that have been tested by USDA

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has a program that helps identify products that they  list as “Biopreferred”. 

Biopreferred products utilize new carbon material in a way that would have been historically petroleum, or chemically based. 


But, “Hold up,” you’re probably thinking, “What does that even mean?” 

Let’s break it down.

  • Petroleum products are made from “old carbon” a.k.a. ancient lifeforms.
  • New carbon products are made from renewable resources such as plants, bacteria and algae.
  • Labs can test a product to see if it has more new carbon or more old carbon. Those made with more new carbon are recognized as more sustainable.
  • These sustainable products can either be direct replacements for old petroleum or chemical products (such as potato-based silverware) or Biopreferred products can solve the same problems in new, different ways.renewable sources  of photos of algae, bacteia, plants


This is where Unique Pet Care comes in.

Unique Pet Care products utilize farmed bacteria to literally eat stains and odors. 

Historically, many chemicals were used to clean stains and odors; different chemicals were used for different situations and surfaces. 

Bacteria prove to be a reliable, adaptable and renewable alternative that cleans extremely well without many of the downsides of traditional cleaners.

Unique Pet Care is proud to bring high percentage biobased content in our products. 

It makes sense, of course, that our farmed bacteria are a biobased alternative to chemical cleaners, but we are proud to offer products that meet and exceed bio based standards


     Women in garden looking at the plants health


We love the fact that we can offer a renewable alternative to chemical cleaners, and we know you will love how well our products clean.



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