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Your Guide To Eliminating Skunk Odor

June 25, 2021

skunk standing inthe grass


Oh no! You hear your dog out in the yard make some strange noises and then, they are at the door scratching to get in. On opening the door, the dog runs into the house acting crazy, rubbing on furniture, rolling on their back, then it hits you, the SMELL. Noooooo! Your dog just got skunked. You quickly grab the dog and put them in the garage, but now what? You go to the internet and start a search.

You find a home-remedy recipe and start running around the house, hoping you have these items.

  1. ¼ cup of baking soda.
  2. 1-2 teaspoons of mild dishwashing detergent like Ivory Snow or Dawn Detergent
  3. 1 quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution.
  4. Mix in a bucket and use immediately.
  5. Work the foaming mixture well into the coat.
  6. Leave on for five minutes.
  7. Rinse with warm water.


Bottle of Unique Skunk Odor Eliminator 32 oz Concentrate

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually have 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide handy.  I also wouldn’t be confident putting this mixture on my furniture or on other surfaces the dog rubbed on.  Hydrogen peroxide has a tendency to bleach colors.

Or for an easier solution, you could pull out your bottle of Unique Skunk Odor Remover. Mix it 3-1 with warm water and sponge on the dog.  Let it sit on the dog for 15 minutes or so. Yes, they will shake but some will stay on and the bacteria will go to work breaking down the odor. It will usually take 2 applications to completely remove all odors. So, after the first round and waiting 15 to 20 minutes reapply.


dog in bathtub with a bottle of Unique Skunk Odor Eliminator

Using a sponge is an easy way to get it on the dog and into the area specifically affected. Usually, it is the face and neck. While you are waiting, mix up some Unique Skunk Odor Remover in a plastic or glass container put the dog’s collar into the solution and let sit for several minutes. Then take out of the solution and let dry naturally. That’s it!



Skunk Spray is actually an oil that contains smelly chemical compounds called thiols or thioacetates. Unfortunately, when mixed with water they will smell worse because the less noxious thioacetates turn into thiols which smell worse!


Unique Skunk Odor Remover starts working by creating enzymes which break the odor into small enough particles for the bacteria to eat or biodegrade. It will penetrate the odor so it can break it down and really remove it.  Through this process the bacteria will eat the oils, thiols and all.


Did the dog make it into the house and rub on any furniture? If so, take the solution and put into a spray bottle and saturate the area where the odor is present and allow it to dry naturally.

Or, did you decide to drive the dog to the dog wash and now your vehicle smells like skunk. If so,again mix up the solutions and pour into a pray bottle and just saturate the seats or anywhere you can smell the odor.


We know skunk also like to spray on the landscaping or even underUsing a yellow pump up garden sprayer to spray landscaping decks, trailers or buildings. That is no problem. Mix up the 3-1 solution of UniquSkunk Odor Remover, if it is a large area you can use a pump up garden sprayer and saturate the soil, grass, plants wherever the smell is. The Skunk Odor Remover will not harm the soil, grass or plants it will just remove the smell.  So, your dog, house, car, and yard can go back to smelling nice like it did before you had the visit from a curious skunk



Eastern Spotted Skunk Spraying

If you live in an area with skunks, it is good insurance to keep a bottle of the Unique Skunk Odor Remover in the house. Skunks usually seem to come into the yard latein the evening. When stores are closed. You may be able to help a friend or neighborif you are prepared. Trust me they will consider you a hero!




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