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Oh Gross My Dog Has Coprophagia!

April 16, 2021


Oh gross my dog has coprophagia!



What is Coprophagia? It is when you dog eats poop, their own or others. They will eat all kinds of poop from cat,  horses, chickens ( a delicacy my dogs favor) elk or deer. Or how about the goose poop you encounter as you walk your dog. Dogs are drawn to it like a magnet sometimes. 


Why do they do it?

Mother dogs eat their puppies poop to keep them safe from predators, even though that is may  not be a problem, it is instinctual.


The poop may taste really good to your dog.


Is your dog stressed, bored or maybe trying to please you by cleaning up after themselves? It can also be to get your attention.

Are you feeding your dog too close to an area when the defecate? That may cause them confusion as the odors blend.


It can also be from an enzyme or nutrient deficiency, as in diets that are not fulfilling your dog’s needs.  Or even, other medical issues. It would be good to talk to your veterinarian about the problem to rule out any medical condition.


Some people say it goes back to instinct and trying to protect their packs from predators.


What can you do to solve the problem?


First check with your veterinarian to rule out any issues medically.


Vitamin Supplements -- B-1 deficiency may be a cause.

Enzyme Supplement -- Pet stores will be a good source of finding theses items.


When walking, pick up after your dog quickly.

Teach your dogs to follow the command of “Leave It”. A dog trainer can help you with ways to become very successful with this. They will also have solutions to help you deal with the whole poop eating problem. This is nothing new to your trainer or your veterinarian, so do not hesitate to reach out to them for assistance.

Dogs just do things we think are gross.  They are just being dogs and following instincts, but we as pet owners can do things to help manage the situation.  One solution may be giving them things to prevent boredom like enrichment games, treats stuffed into toys made for that. Kong and West Paw are two companies that have very good solutions for these type of treat dispensers. Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and please reach out to your vet and dog trainers.

Now, how to solve the really gross part of it, that is Where Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator can save the day. So, your dog eats poop, and it doesn’t set well with his stomach, so while you are away, he throws up on the lovely light beige carpet.  You not only are dealing with vomit but the added bonus of poop mixed in. It not only looks disgusting and goes to work staining your carpet, but the smell is also repulsing.

How to solve this issue: Take paper towel or an old cloth towel , I recommend rubber gloves or gloves you can throw away. Sop up and wipe away as much of the vomit as possible. Then use the Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator, either the concentrate that mixes 10-1 or the Ready to Use and saturate the area. Not a light spray, but enough you know it is wet. Then take an old white or cream-colored towel or washcloth (depending on the size of the issue).  Run the cloth under water and then wring it out. Lay it over the stain and with shoes on step lightly to make sure it helps the bacteria penetrate into the stain and odor. Remove the towel after several hours or overnight. When you remove the towel, you will see some of the stain on it. You can wash that or just throw it away. Now just let the area dry naturally. The bacteria will use the mess as a food source and they will keep reproducing themselves as long as there is food to eat, then they turn into water and carbon dioxide and go away, leaving you with clean carpet and allow your house to smell clean and fresh. Now if it is really bad, you might have to repeat the process, but you will be left with clean carpet! Problem solved.


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