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How To Clean Up Pet Vomit

July 15, 2021

How To Clean Up  Pet Vomit

How To Easily Clean Vomit and Hairballs Stains and Odors 

You are asleep in bed when you hear that gagging, coughing noise that causes you to jump out of bed to try to get your

Women with just her eyes ablove the covers with a frightened expression

dog or cat outside to safely vomit away from your carpet. But you are just not fast enough and now you have vomit on the carpet or worse yet the bed, couch or any other surface. 

Maybe your dog ate something that didn’t sit well with them, or maybe the cat coughed up a hairball. There are any number of reasons your pets will vomit on your floor. None of them are good for you or your pet.

 As gross as it is, we can help make the clean up easy.  If the vomiting persists, we recommend consulting your vet. Cats will sometimes throw up a hairball. Hairballs are caused when your cat grooms themselves. Most of the hair will just go through the digestive tract butsome hair stays in the stomach and causes a hairball. 

black cat on yellow background with grass on lower right corner

When they throw them up, it goes through the esophagus so they come out in a tube-like shape. Long hair cats tend to have more hairballs than short haired or kittens. Besides the hairball, there is usually bile from the stomach

that comes with it and it can stain the carpet and leave an unpleasant odor or bedding, furniture, or wherever the hairball is left. 

There are many suggestions on the internet for cleaning vomit. They are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, and dish soap. Each of these solutions can create more issues on the carpet, bed, or couch that you are trying to remove the vomit smell and stain from. Like leaving baking soda in the carpet and it builds up when not vacuumed completely out. Vinegar has its own unpleasant smell.  

Hydrogen peroxide could possibly bleach your carpet. Always test an inconspicuous area before using. Dish Soap will leave a residue on the carpet, and it will get dirty faster, and the carpet will feel sticky. We recommend a quick and easy way that will remove the stain and eliminate the odor form the vomit. 

Use a bio-enzymatic product like Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator.It contains bacteria that produce enzymes. The enzymes break down the odor and stain small enough for the bacteria to eat. This is the biodegradation process.

Unique Pet Odor and Stain ELiminator Ready To Use

 When using a bio-enzymatic cleaner, the benefit over enzyme cleaning alone is bacteria reproduces itself every 20 minutes. As it does that it just keeps creating more enzymes to break down the odor and stain so it can use them as a food source. So, you get an unlimited amount of cleaning magic because the bacteria will just keep growing as long as you have a food source, which is the vomit and moisture, that is why we recommend laying a damp towel over the area for several hours. 

Vomit has two issues that must be cleaned, the stain which is caused by the bile from the stomach and food that was thrown up, and the sour, very unpleasant odor caused by the bile and whatever undigested food that was in the stomach.  You can solve both quickly and easily with one product. To get rid of the stain and odor in one easy step you need to clean up as much excess vomit as possible before starting. To scrape up the excess use a dustpan or a piece of cardboard or a towel. Rubber gloves are helpful for this part of the process. 

puppy looking at extractor attacment by a stain  the puppy has left

Step 1: Clean up as much vomit or hairball as possible. An easy way to scrape up the excess pieces is to use a dustpan or towel and be sure to wear your rubber gloves. 

Step 2: Use the Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator. You can use the Ready to Use or the mixed Concentrate to saturate the area.

Step 3: Agitate the area. Using the bottom of the bottle is quick and easy, or a soft brush works. Agitation oxygenates the area and helps the bacteria to penetrate the area better.

Step 4: Take a white towel or washcloth, run it under the sink with lukewarm water. Wring out so it is damp. Place it on the vomit area.

Step 5: Use the bottom of the bottle to agitate the damp towel, this helps it to really get down into the area to really get it clean. 

Step 6: Leave Towel overnight.

Step 7: Remove the towel and let the area dry naturally.

That’s it you will be left with clean fresh carpeting or furniture, or whatever was the recipient of the vomit. There will be no residue or smell left after the area is completely dry. 

If the stain is stubborn, depending on what caused the vomit, it may take a second treatment. But rest assured it will remove it!           

A fun aside, this sound is so good at pulling us out of a deep sleep that a company created an app called Odd-Alarm and Dog Vomiting is one of the sounds you can use.

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