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How To Clean Up Pet Vomit

July 15, 2021

How To Clean Up  Pet Vomit

How To Clean Vomit


You are asleep in bed when you hear that gagging, coughing  noise that causes you to jump out of bed to try to get your dog or cat outside to safely vomit away from your carpet. But, you are just not fast enough and now you have vomit on the carpet or worse yet the bed, couch or any other surface.

Maybe your dog ate something that didn’t set well with them, or maybe the cat coughed up a hairball. There are any number of reasons your pets will vomit on your floor. None of them good for you or your pet. As gross as it is, we can help making the clean up really easy.  If the vomiting persists, we recommend consulting your vet.


Step 1: Clean up as much as the vomit as possible.

Step 2: Use the Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator you can use the Ready to Use or the Concentrate. To   saturate the area.

Step 3: Agitate the area, using the bottom of the bottle is quick and easy.

Step 4: Take a white towel or washcloth, run it under the sink with lukewarm water. Wring out so it is damp. Place on the vomit area.

Step 5: Use the bottom of the bottle to agitate the damp towel, this helps it to really get down into the area to really get it clean. Leave Towel overnight.

Step 6: Remove the towel and let the area dry naturally.

That’s it you will be left with clean fresh carpeting or furniture, or whatever was the recipient of the vomit.

If the stain is stubborn, depending on what cause the vomit, it may take a second treatment. But rest assured it will remove it!           

A fun aside, this sound is so good at pulling us out of a deep sleep that a company created an app called Odd-Alarm and Dog Vomiting is one of the sounds you can use.


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