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Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Home for the Holidays

November 19, 2021

cleaning for the holidays

The Holidays are coming. 

Is your house ready for family and friends to drop in?


The holidays are right around the corner. Do you feel daunted by the task of getting things organized before the house is full of family and friends? Are you wondering,  how can you get the house ready as easily as possible?

Here are some tips and tricks to make life easier during this crazy, fun time.



The place most guests hang out seems to be the kitchen, so that is the place to give most of your attention too. 

  1. First stop: Refrigerator.

      Get it cleaned top to bottom and get rid of old condiments and anything that is expired. That will give you room to store all the food and leftovers that you will have in the next couple of weeks. It will make you feel great if your guests open up the fridge and it is clean and smells good.

  1. Next up: Stove and Oven.

         They will be very busy so make sure they are clean and ready to go.

Spraying cleaning product on counter wiping clean with yellow cloth.


  1. It's easy to forget this appliance. My favorite trick for cleaning it is to put a cup of water in for 2 minutes then quickly wipe the whole inside of the microwave down. It makes it quick and easy. 


  1. Get in your kitchen drawers and make sure all the utensils you will need to serve with are clean and ready to go. 

  If you have room, set aside a drawer just for that use for the holiday season.        Wipe down all the counters and backsplash so they look great. I am a huge        fan of E-Cloth for making cleaning the kitchen a breeze. 


  1. Cloth napkins.  Make sure they are cleaned and pressed. Have some stains on them you can’t get out? Try our Complete Odor and Stain Remover
    A hand spraying Unique Complete Odor and Stain Eliminator on a stained blue cloth
    Pour some on the stain and let them soak for 1-4 hours and then throw in the washing machine.  The bacteria will eat stains caused from foods, oils, and even wine. 


Other Tips:

  • Complete Odor and Stain Remover can be used after your guests leave if anyone spills something on the floor or furniture.  You won’t have to stress because you know any spills will be easy to clean up. 


  • Wipe down all your cabinets, and be sure to get inside the cabinets, vacuuming to get rid of all the crumbs. Organize all your storage containers so you are ready to fill them up with leftovers and send some home with the guests.


  • Clean your garbage can and make it smell great by  spraying some Complete Odor and Stain Remover on the inside and outside of the garbage pail and then let it dry naturally, the good bacteria will get those odors right out. 


  • Does your garbage disposal smell bad? Pour in some Super Digest-It and it will remove the odors and also work to clean your drain. 

  • Use our Wine Stain Eater to quickly and effectively eliminate all traces of red wine on fabric, carpets, clothing, and more.


Floors and Furniture

  • Vacuum and sweep all floors and baseboards. If you have any stains from your pets, break out the Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator several days before guests come. It will remove any odor and stains from your pets and maybe even where you or the kids spilled some food. Be sure to move the furniture as you clean, there is nothing worse than having someone move furniture to make room for more people and there is a big dust bunny under a chair or couch. 
    french bulldog, vacuuming green carpet
  • Vacuum the furniture to remove any crumbs or things that get in the crevices. You can lightly spray some Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator to make sure it all smells fresh.
  • Dust all the furniture, don’t forget the legs. 
  • Fluff the pillows and wash any throws. 
  • Wash the pet beds so they don’t leave any lingering dog or cat smell in your clean house.Unique Pet Bed Odor and Stain remover 24 oz bottle
  • Try our Pet Bed Cleaner.  You can just spray it on or use it in the washing machine.

  • Bathrooms 
  • Scrub the shower and tub and toilet. 
  • Mop the floors and wipe down the counters.
  • Remove any clutter that has built up.
  •  Put out fresh towels. Wash the rug

Other Tips:
This is a great place to put a wonderful smelling candle. 



  • Vacuum, dust and make sure there are fresh linens on the beds, just in case someone stays over.
  • Wash the windows. A quick, easy way is to use the E-Cloth.  It will just take minutes to do several. 

Other tips:

Fill some Kongs or other types of toys for your dogs. If they can’t be part of the fun, they will have their own special treat in their kennel or other area they may hang out in while you have guests in the house. Or if they are great at mingling, it will give them their own healthy treat to eat while everyone else is eating. I like to freeze several so I always have them on hand for a quick healthy treat that keeps them occupied. 


If you clean just an area or two a day, cleaning the house won’t be quite so overwhelming, allowing you to relax, enjoy your guests, and know the house looks and smells great.

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