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Coyote Pee Challenge

May 03, 2021

Coyote Pee Challenge

Coyote Pee Challenge

Here at Unique we are always innovating to create the best and easiest ways to permanently remove odors and stain caused by our pets. We know accidents happen; they happen in my house too. We want to be able to always offer you the solutions that will really solve the problem.

We had to come up with ways to test our products in the most challenging situations. We have done many crazy things trying to capture urine from our pets. I know the people that work near us thought I was crazy to hold a mason jar under a mastiff as he was relieving himself.  Thank goodness he was very tall.  There is a picture you will not be able to get out of your mind. Better yet we sealed it for several months to make sure it was good and potent. Then, we poured it on some carpet and let it dry a few days. Then we tried our products along with some of our competitors to make sure we really did make the best product out there. I am very happy to say the results were excellent, Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator got rid of all the odor and the very dark yellow stain.

Since we could clean that, we thought, “Well, what is worse than very strong dog urine?” and lo and behold, we found it. Coyote urine; it can be used in gardens to repel certain animals. The person checking me out at the store triple bagged it and said if it got in my car, it would be impossible to get out (I knew I had a secret weapon, though). It smells so much worse than the dog urine! We had the team at work take turns smelling it.  It causes quite the reaction, several gagged from a quick smell. So, with rubber gloves, we poured it on our carpet swatches. We left it outside protected from rain to dry for a couple of days.  Besides the horrible smell, it was so concentrated it left quite a dark stain.

We brought out our products and again several competitors and went to work on the stains and odors.

So we are not biased, we do blind testing, and we use people who are not part of our company as smell testers (yeah, we have to bribe them). We again came out as the winner.

We decided to take the Coyote Pee Challenge with us to Superzoo (a pet industry trade show) as part of a fun game. When people came to our booth to learn more about our products, we had several sealed jars with scent-soaked cotton balls that they had to guess what the scents were.  The bonus challenge was the jar with the coyote pee. I did have to travel with that coyote pee jar in my luggage to get to the show, and I assure you, it was very well wrapped!  We only had a few brave souls who would open that jar, but it was a very fun topic of conversation and it allowed us to be able to show the great lengths we go to make sure we are creating the best products we can. Our R & D department is always working to make sure we stay ahead of the competition.

We spend a lot of time at Unique talking about poop and pee but we are pretty serious about problem solving around here.

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