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Why I’m a believer in the efficacy of pet odor and stain eliminator

December 11, 2020

Why I’m a  believer in the efficacy of pet odor and stain eliminator

Why am I such a believer in the efficacy of our Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator

Almost 30 years ago we went on a house hunt. We heard about a house in a beautiful area, but it had renters that were known in the area for being bad housekeepers. We decided to look at it anyway. 

The owner told us she had heard that the renters had 9 dogs they used for breeding, but she was hopeful they had taken care of the house. When we unlocked the door, we knew that was not the case. The house reeked of urine! It was a rustic mountain house so many of the walls were cedar, as we walked through the house we saw a rabbit hutch up against a wall and the whole wall behind it was covered in white film, it is calcium carbonate, we found out that was caused by excess calcium from their diet and it is excreted through their kidneys. What we saw was a thick hard film of smelly white stuff stuck to a rough cedar wall. There were piles of feces throughout the house and odors in every room. 

But, I had fallen in love with the house, the disgusting smell and all. My father had recently been working on a new product he was calling Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator; it was a new concept and used bacteria to clean up odors and stains. Well here was a great test case. We bought the house (we got a great deal). The owner pulled up the carpet, but the smell was still horrible. So, we brought in 16 gallons of the Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator. It is dilutable up to 10-1 so we mixed it up in a pump-up garden sprayer and soaked everything we could. We sprayed the subfloor, we sprayed rabbit area we even sprayed drywall. We soaked the garage concrete floor and concrete floors in the basement. When it dried, if it smelled we mixed up more and soaked it again. I was not giving up! One thing that happens when you use bacteria is, you get a strong ammonia odor as the product is working. That is caused by the bacteria breaking down the urine.  You usually don’t smell urine until it starts breaking down.  That is when you know someone had an accident and you need to work to clean it.  When you flood lots of urine with high concentrations of bacteria, you get a powerful ammonia smell.  We knew when it was done breaking down all the urine, there would be no odor left.  After several days we could no longer smell the urine, but we brought in our dog to test. The house is post and beam architecture and our dog, who did not have accidents in the house, went right over to one of the beams and hiked his leg. We realized we had not cleaned that beam. We gave it a good soaking and our dog never had any more accidents. We were a bit paranoid that we couldn’t smell it, but other people would.  So, we made sure to invite many people in to get their honest opinions.  We got the green light and felt it was safe to put down new carpet. When the previous owner came for a visit, she was shocked by how good the house smelled. 

The rabbit wall was tough to clean.  It took a few applications of the Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator and we ended up mixing a stronger 5-1.  In the End it did the job and got rid of all the white and the odor.  We were thrilled.

So, anytime I talk with a customer and they ask will this product really work? I can honestly say, “Yes”.  We can help you solve the stain and odor problem in your life! I love knowing we can help families no matter how bad the odor and stain situation is in their home. We can help you keep your home a haven for you and your pets.

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