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unique pet care pet odor and stain eliminator family of products available in ready to use and concentrated formulas

Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator

Powered by the most advanced probiotic and enzyme blend available
  • Eliminates stains and odors - urine, feces, blood, vomit, and much more!

  • Does NOT mask odors

  • Works On Old and New Stains

  • Discourages re-marking

  • Can be used on all surfaces not damaged by water

  • Inspired by nature and Formulated With Trust®

  • Made In The USA

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Problem

You've tried everything to get rid of odors & stains your pet left behind, but those products either masked the odor, left an unsightly film, or simply didn't work!

The Solution

Say goodby to stink and stains and hello to Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator From Unique Pet Care®. Our powerful blend of bacteria and enzymes specifically target the organic material in your pet's mess and fully eliminates any odors & stains your pet drops, sprays, or streams your way without masking or leaving any residue.  

What Our Customers Are Saying

"A lot better than other products I’ve used. We have a new puppy and definitely going to stock up! Highly recommend, even on old stains it works!"


"I have tried everything from sprays to steam cleaners and this is hands down the best and easiest cleaner I have ever used"


"I love this product. It smells great and works at 1/4th the price of well known brands of pet products! Will be using this from now on!!!"

Catherine B

Inspired By Nature, Powered By Science

The way Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator works is simple. Bacteria need a food source, and your pet's mess (urine, feces, musk, etc.) is the perfect food source! Once the bacteria in Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator is introduced to the affected area, the bacteria go to work eating the stain and odor. As they eat, they also produce enyzmes, which help break the stain and odor down into more easily digestible chunks for the bacteria. This process happens over and over until the bacteria have eaten everything and there is nothing left but clean, fresh smelling surfaces.

Formulated With Trust®

Many products claim to clean pet odors and stains. But after a closer look at the label, some of those products contain harsh, caustic ingredients that can cause serious harm to you and the environment if not used properly. Rest assured we’ve consciously formulated all of our products to ensure your home remains a haven for you and your loved ones.

The Right Application For Your Needs

Ready To Use

Just pull the trigger and watch as your stains and odors disappear!



Amazing value at less than $1 per application!


Commercial Sizing

Running a rescue, doggy daycare, or training facility? We've got you covered with commercial sizing options available to deodorize your entire facility!

Every one of Unique Pet Care's Products is proudly sourced and manufactured here in the USA.

Every product we sell comes with unparalleled support from the experts at Unique Pet Care®. If for some reason you don’t love the results, we’ll refund your money without hassle!

You, your family, and your pets are our #1 priority and that is why we proudly formulate every product with you and your loved ones in mind.