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Advanced Cat Odor + Stain Remover breaks down tough stains and residue. Highly effective.

Tackle Odors and Stains In The Hardest Spots

  • Advanced Surfactant Blend Eliminates Stains Immediately
  • Advanced Probiotic Blend Eliminates Stains and Odors Without Masking
  • Works On New and Old Messes
  • Pheromone Removal Prevents Resoiling
  • Removes Stains and Odors Down To The Subfloor
  • Advanced Formula Removes The Toughest Urine and Ammonia Odors
  • Removes Odors From Litter Boxes and Carriers
  • Safe For Your Family and Pets
  • Non-Toxic | Eco-Friendly
  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Easily Eliminate Your Cat’s Toughest Odors and Stains

Cats are amazing companions providing you lifelong friendship, comfort, and cuddles. But sometimes our cats can create some pretty hefty stains and odors. You need something that is going to remove those stains and odors quickly, effectively, and most importantly, safely. Unique Advanced Cat Odor + Stain’s proprietary blend of bacteria and enzymes goes to work instantly removing those harsh odors and stains without masking anything. Advanced Cat Odor + Stain makes easy work of both new and old stains, even down to the subfloor. It also removes the pheromones that can encourage resoiling. Advanced Cat Odor + Stain’s Advanced formula will easily remove even the toughest urine and ammonia odors from your surfaces is. It is also great for removing odors from litter boxes and carriers. Advanced Cat Odor + Stain is eco-friendy, non-toxic, and best of all, It’s 100% safe for you, your family, and your cat. Advanced Cat Odor + Stain is also proudly made right here in the USA and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Cat Owners Across The US Put Their Trust in Advanced Cat Odor + Stain

Advanced Cat Odor + Stain contains a highly-effective blend of bacteria and enzymes that go to work instantly, breaking down even the most stubborn stains and odors. The way it works is simple. Bacteria needs a food source to survive, and your cat’s odors & stains are the perfect food source. Once the bacteria in Advanced Cat Odor + Stain encounters a food source (the odors and stains), it becomes active and begins to eat. As the bacteria eat, they produce enzymes. These enzymes help to break the stain and odor down into more easily digestible food for the bacteria. This amazing, and natural, bacterial-enzyme breakdown proceeds to leave nothing behind but water and carbon dioxide.

What Customers Are Saying About Advanced Cat Odor + Stain Remover

This product is very very effective. The key is you have to follow directions. I use it on a custom wool rug if my cats have a vomit incident. I have never had the need to use for defications (urine or feces) as my cats don’t do that outside of boxes. Pick up solids, spray generously (not soak) and then use paper towels with a heavy weight to soak up stain. Works after a couple of changes to paper towels. Do not combine with any other cleaners. It works every time for me over the last 2 yrs I’ve used it.

Amazon Customer

Unique products are simply the best. I used this one for the first time on a new home where the previous owners had dogs and cats. Have a thorough spraying and left over night to an order free basement! Absolutely the best.


This stuff is great. It lifts the stain and Oder right out. In my case it takes a couple applications but it works on the numerous stains from mine and a friends dogs.

Amazon Customer

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